Christmas Scenes, Merry Christmas and Thank You!

Merry Christmas and Thank You! <3 

Hey CS followers! I just wanted to thank you all for following, I hope you all had the best Christmas ever! I’m sad to see Christmas go, but I might post a few (5-ish) things a day until New Years, so if you made something and I missed it, submit the link! I know a lot of you are going to unfollow, but thanks for following and hopefully I’ll see you next year =)

Also, there is a credit and thanks page but:

  • there were so many amazing Christmas blogs this year, but  Christmas Countdown and A Wonderful Christmas Time really rocked. 
  • Jessie made the banner last year and made and helped me find things to blog
  • Rachel and Emily blogged a lot of Christmas things that I would reblog from the OP in case they had it tags I wouldn’t have to type out.

Okay that’s all, but seriously thank all of you, I hope you all have a great 2012!

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